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Jawatan Kosong PETRONAS

PETROLEUM NATIONAL BERHAD (PETRONAS)Oil is a vital source of energy for human life in the modern world today. Management of petroleum incorrect would cause pollution and contamination to the ecosystem. Petroleum industry waste management should be closely monitored by the Malaysian Government.

Petronas seeks to provide great pay and benefits for employees, with the expectation that employees can work up to succeed Petronas.

Petroleum National Berhad (PETRONAS) would like to invite qualified candidates to fill the following vacancies: -

1. Executive (Inspection)
2. Executive (Instrumentation)
3. Executive (HSE)
4. Technical Specialist (Water Technology)
5. Technical Specialist (Inspection)
6. Technical Specialist (Operations Safety)
7. Technical Specialist (Project Management)
8. Technical Specialist (Corrosion)
9. Technical Specialist (Machinery & Control)
10. Executive (Energy Loss Management)
11. Executive (Business Planning)
12. Technician (Process / Operations)
13. Technician (Instrumentation)
14. Technician (Electrical) Electrical Engineering
15. Technician (Mechanical)


Closing Date : 22/09/2013

Tag : Kerjaya, Vacancy
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