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Superb Best GPS 4GB Camera Vin Wireless BT opt FM GPS 3D Notebook

Now at ONLY RM 450.00.image

General Specifications:
  • High sensitivity engine acquires at -160 dBm and tracks to -163 dBm
  • High performance on-chip LNA with 1.6 dB noise figure
  • 6~8 dB of 3GPP pass margin, coarse aided
Fast, Responsive Location Experience
  • High speed location engine
  • 48 track verification channels
Breakthrough Power Consumption
  • Adaptive micropower controller
  • Requires only 50 – 500 μA to maintain hot start capability
Reliable in Difficult Environments
  • Active jammer remover
  • Tracks up to eight CW jammers
  • Removes in-band jammers up to 80 dB-Hz
Enhanced Navigation
  • Smart MEMS sensor interface
  • Multi-master i2c bus for smart sensors
  • Interrupt input for context change alarms
only 1 set left… First Come First Served
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