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Step by step Mengisi Borang BR1M 2014

There are TWO ways to apply the aid Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia aka BR1M. Either you can do it the traditional way, which is filling up and submitting a physical form (with other required physical forms like IC etc) or you can just do it online.

Ok we done clarify the question how to apply BR1M by telling the 2 channel to apply. Before anything, you should have know who is eligible for this aid, if not check here regard the requirement aka syarat kelayakan.

We also want to answer some popular questions asked by the people in our facebook page. One of the most popular doubt been asked is that what should a past BR1M recipient do? Meaning a person who had applied BR1M 1 & BR1M 2, should the person fill up the borang permohonan BR1M again? Well you no need to fill up the application form, but you are urged to update if any changes for your personal info. For example to change your housing address if you moved to a new place. You have to give your correct bank detail because the payment probably would direct bank-in into to applicants’ bank account this time.

But It sounds like no different with new applicant? No, because you need no to do anything if your details given last time remain unchanged. Just that for security we urge you to check. Physical form can be download here. Online application can refer to the guide below.

Step by step Mengisi Borang BR1M 2014

A. For those who had applied BR1M before
1. Visit
2. Fill in your IC and date of birth and Click on “Kemas kini permohonan BR1M 2.0”
cara mengisi borang br1m
3. Check the box of “Maklumat bank”.
cara mengisi borang br1m step 2
4. Fill in what bank and bank account number.
cara mengisi borang br1m step 3
5. After you fill in the spam prevention code you should have this pop-up for agreement.
cara mengisi borang br1m step 4
6. If your detail is valid, your application will succeed.
cara mengisi borang br1m step 6
7. You need to print by clicking on the ‘cetak’ button which located on the bottom right corner.
cara mengisi borang br1m step 8

B. Permohonan Baru.
Means that you have never receive BR1M before.
1. Visit
2. Fill in required field and click on the left button “Permohonan Baru”
(Your IC and tarikh lahir must match to continue)
borang br1m guide 1
3. Fill in your personal detail. eg. parlimen : Masjid tanah. DUN : Tanjung Bidara.
borang br1m guide 2
4. Fill in personal detail part 2 for ‘tanggungan’. The tanggungan link is expandable, click to add and remove row. If you don’t have income yet, just fill in the field of ‘sendiri’ with RM0.00.
borang br1m guide 3
5.  Make sure everything is correct, especially the home address and bank account number. Check the agreement box to continue.
cara mengisi borang br1m step 4
6. You shall see a pop-up window saying “Permohonan Anda Telah Berjaya Dihantar”.
7. The most important step is to print the form. If you don’t have a printer you can save the form and print it later. Right click on the document or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + S.
cara mengisi borang br1m step 8

I hope you appreciate and be grateful for BR1M 2014. Please share this post to help your friends. Feel free to help to answer questions asked by others in the comment box below. The fund estimated will be delivered in the coming February 2014. We wish you a happy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014.
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