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Ford Ranger 2014

2014 Ford Ranger

Nowadays, people seem always to need a car, especially for people who work far from their home. It would be great to have a car that will take you anywhere you want. There are a lot of cars you can choose. You should remember that not all cars could be suitable for you. If you are looking for a good designed car that will fit with your little family, then you should wait for 2014 Ford ranger

2014 Ford Ranger Rumor

Rumor has it that Ford has designed a new ranger for their customers. The design will be the same with T6 platform underpinning the current ranger. There is not much we can know about this 2014 Ford Ranger, but one of the sources said that this new car show concept has been completed in recent weeks. The car will be designed as seven-seat ranger SUV, so it would be perfect for you and your little family. It was also designed for Asian, South-east Asian and Australian markets. 

Ford Ranger Model

2014 Ford Ranger Redesign

The name of this new car remains mystery because the Ford team did not say much about it. But they make sure that this new 2014 Ford Ranger will be the improvement for the previous model. The look for this new car might borrow the wagon styling from the current Ford models such as Explorer and the homegrown Territory. So the look might be familiar to most of you, but sure this new car has several improvements. Ford will make sure that they will add new features that can make this car perfect for you. When you are looking for a new car, you should know what kind of car you need is. If you need a family car that does not look like a boring family car, then 2014 Ford is your answer.

2014 Ford Ranger Engines

Under the hood, this car is also equipped with a powerful engine. This 2014 Ford Ranger has 2.3 liters i4 engine capacity. It is a large capacity of a pickup car. By that engine capacity, this car can produce power up to 143 HP at 5,250 rpm. Besides that, this car also has 5 speeds manual transmission.
Ford Ranger Engines

2014 Ford Ranger Price

There is still no information about the price of 2014 Ford ranger. It might be not so different with the price of the current Ford model. It might be a little bit more expensive than the current model because of all the improvement for this new car. So you better start saving from now so when the time the Ford reveal about the price of 2014 Ford comes, you can be ready to purchase it. Buying a car might not be easy because there are a lot of things you should consider. But the new Ford Ranger can be the car that you need and you want.
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