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Shaklee Malaysia

Dr. Shaklee’s vision continues through the company goal of providing quality, natural products that promote our health as well as the health of the planet.

shaklee07Welcome to Shaklee, a company founded on the philosophy of offering products in harmony with nature and good health. Shaklee adheres to the principles that were established by our founder Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee.

Adopting these founding principles, Dr. Shaklee set his company on a path of creating healthier lives. He turned his timeless philosophy into a company with conscience……..designed to improve the lives of everyone it touches and guided by the golden rule of ‘Do unto others what you want done unto you’.

With the mission of becoming the world’s leading provider of health and wellness products, Shaklee is dedicated to continued leadership through product innovation, scientific excellence, environmental stewardship and unrelenting standards of quality.

Millions of people turn to Shaklee nutritional products as the standard of quality, and Shaklee is as proud of the way it sells its products as it is of the product themselves.

In 2004, Ripplewood Holdings LLC and Activated Holdings LLC acquired the worldwide business of Shaklee from Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Shaklee is a leading manufacturer and distributor of nutrition, personal care, home care and air treatment products including 45 patents worldwide.
Whatever you are looking for, we hope you and your loved ones will enjoy a healthier life through Shaklee products and opportunities.

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