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Nuffnang Featured Blogger for the month of January 2014

Hello Everyone!! Nice to meet you all!!!! Before I start to introduce myself, I would like to thank Nuffnang for featuring me on January! IT’S SUCH AN AWESOME NEW YEAR PRESENT FOR ME! To be frank, I’m not really good in English, so most of the time I’ll just blog in Chinese. SO I WAS KIND OF SURPRISED THAT MY CHINESE BLOG COULD BE FEATURED ON NUFFNANG WEBSITE TOO!
1 My readers usually call me YangBaoBei (杨宝贝) because my surname is Yong and baobei means baby! Hmmm I’m petite but own a chubby face, people always say I look younger and smaller in real person. Born in 7 February 1994(omg can’t believe that I’m turning 20 this year), Aquarius (imaginative girl). I started blogging at since 14 years old (when I was so naïve and young). I named my blog the “heart of yangbaobei”, which indicates that it’s a platform/diary for me to express and share my feelings and thoughts in life. 2 I consider myself as a lifestyle blogger and most of the time I enjoy blogging about my personal stuff such as my college life, memories, dreams, my loves and the awkward moments in life…However I also occasionally blog about the events that I attended, makeup tips, food, product review and MOVIE REVIEW (I’m a huge MOVIE KAKI)! 3 I love blogging simply because it helps me to release stress and because of blogging I got to know a lot of true friends. Whenever I face some problems or obstacles in life, I will just share it on blog, and the best part is my readers would always be there to read me, feel me, and give me suggestions. Sometimes, I will read back my old blog posts to motivate myself to work hard for better achievement in future. 4 One of my biggest achievement in life is I got to publish my own novels! In my earlier student years, I was really into writing stories and been sending the drafts to many publishers. One of the publishers was attracted by my story but they have no confidence for throwing a huge amount of cost to publish a book for a not so well-known teenage girl like me. HOWEVER, they told me, “If you are able to persuade 100 blog readers to buy your book (pre-order), we will help you to publish the book.” Million thanks to my blog readers who been supporting me for years… They were willing to trust me and made online payment to me… Few days later, I’ve hit the target and the publishers promised to publish the book.  Now, I’ve already published 3 books (my third novel even got into top selling chart no.2), which can be found at Popular/ MPH bookstore. My bf is helping me to manage my own online bookstore too! I’ll never give up on chasing after my dreams and my blog readers are my inspirations. My dreams will never come true if my blog doesn’t exist. 5 After few years of sharing my thoughts on blog, I started to gain readers and it leads me to a better life. I wasn’t born in a rich family but now I’m able to fund all my college fees and entertainment fees all by myself.  All thanks to Nuffnang! Nuffnang has been providing me a lot of opportunity to further my blogging career.
[During Olay Event with Kampungcitygal and Cheeserland[my favourite blogger]
Because of Nuffnang, I got to attend a lot special events and opportunities. The best part is, I got to meet up with many talented bloggers. Olay also featured me on TV for few seconds which makes me feel so happy hahaha!!! 7
8 I always get to receive exclusive door gift from events! For instance, this hair curler that I got from Sunsilk! I even won an ipad mini from the campaign contest! 9
I was invited to Bangkok with a gang of bloggers. We even got the chance to sit on business class seats and stayed at 5 star hotels in Bangkok for that few days. All the time, we continue to receive exclusive deals from Nuffnang! I made the best choice, by joining Nuffnang!! 10
[First time fly overseas to shop woohooooo!] 
Without blogging and Nuffnang, I wouldn’t even have the hance to be there.
Now, I’ve had a hard time on studying diploma in college (4 more months to get my diploma cert, so hold on!!!), I might not be able to update my blog every day but still, my blog will always be my home :) I think I will just stop here…THANKS FOR READING!! :DHAHAHA TO KNOW MORE ABOUT ME, YOU CAN JUST VISIT MY BLOG! Follow my blog updates on Imotiv. I do own a mobile blogging on Dayre too!
Also, do check me out on my social media platforms:
INSTAGRAM @YANGBAOBEI94    (I’ll share about my casual life+ funny stuff)
TWITTER  @YANGBAOBEI94 (it shows my emo side)
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