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6 Shocking Facts About Dating

It has been a very long time since we have done a dating post. So, we figured that we would research some topics on dating. During this research we found a lot of interesting tidbits relating to dating. Some of the facts we found were so shocking and so interesting we decided to create this post to talk about six of the most shocking things we learned about dating.

1. 90% of rebound relationships are doomed to fail.

According to this article 90% of rebound relationships are doomed to fail. A rebound relationship is a type of relationship that forms directly after a person has been in a long term relationship.

rebound relationship

2. People are obsessed with teeth

Teeth were one of the top traits that people said they judged potential partners on. According to 58% of men said teeth were important to their decision on whether to date someone or not. With women this is even higher, as 71% say the same.


3. Speed dating was invented by a rabbi

A rabbi from Los Angeles invented speed dating in 1991. It is based on a common Jewish tradition where there are chaperoned gathering of Jewish singles.


4. The most common ways to meet someone new.

The most common way to meet someone new or a potential dating partner is through a friend. According to this infographic 22% of singles met through a friend. This is followed closely by people who met a date through an online dating site at 20%.


5. Kissing on a first date.

73% of singles find it appropriate to kiss on their first date. 83% of singles find it appropriate to hold hands on the first date as well. 66% of people find it’s ok to cuddle on the first date.


6. Facebook plays a huge role in breakups.

Apparently Facebook is one of the leading reasons that couples can break up. Of the men who have cited Facebook as a reason for a breakup, 55% say that it was due to their partners pictures. Women on the other hand cited that their main reason for a Facebook breakup was due to their partners post on someone else’s wall.


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