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Zones Blog 5 benefits of Dell VRTX converged infrastructure

The Dell PowerEdge VRTX is a revolutionary new-generation platform for small and midsize businesses and organizations, as well as remote and branch offices.

It integrates your servers, storage and networking into a shared infrastructure platform, providing extensive performance and capacity in a single, compact tower chassis. You also get the flexibility that SMBs and small and midsize organizations need to simplify their infrastructures and continue to grow.

The VRTX is powerful, scalable and affordable. And it brings order to chaos, enabling you to redefine your office IT. Order from Zones and leverage our expertise in server consolidation and converged infrastructures, as well as our Five Star Service.

Five benefits of the PowerEdge VRTX:

1. No compromise on scalable performance: Employing the latest PowerEdge technology and high-availability features, VRTX helps you gain fast application-response times, run multiple applications that need performance or low latency, power through peak-processing periods, and scale for future growth.

2. Flexible shared storage: All four server nodes have access to low-latency internal shared storage, ideal for virtualization and clustering. Local storage is also available in the chassis, which is highly economical and easier to manage than traditional SAN.

3. Integrated networking and flexible I/O: The VRTX includes a GbE embedded switch that eliminates the need to purchase a separate networking device, plus PCIe resources that are shared across the compute nodes within the chassis.

4. Simple, efficient and versatile systems management: Full-functioned, unified systems management with CMC and GeoView helps take much of the time and effort out of system administration and control. You deploy, monitor, update and maintain through a unified console that covers servers, storage and networking.

5. Seamless management integration: VRTX systems management is integrated with major third-party management tools, protecting your installed investments and allowing you to use what you know.

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