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Homemade Alfredo Sauce Recipe and Tutorial

Homemade Shrimp Alfredo
It is No secret that I love Italian food, especially the yummy, creamy, buttery kinds. We don’t get to eat out much for several reasons. I have 3 kids 6 and under(read chaos and Pricey foods if we eat out, and pricey babysitter if we leave the kids at home). 2 of them have allergies that prevent us from eating out most of the time.
Hubby and I really enjoy good food, but it is hard to enjoy a meal together at this phase of our life. Crossing my fingers that a couple more years puts us in better regards to either eating out or running away.
So we fed the kids something quick and put them to bed, and he and I started cooking an item we love and wanted to savor. I used to be afraid to try to make Alfredo sauce. It seemed so scrumptious that it just seemed to be out of my league. I had dinner with another family one night and she showed me how easy it really was.
So here are some steps for you:
alfredo base ingredients
There are really 3 base ingredients and the rest will be based on your taste. Romano or Parmesan Cheese, Butter (real butter), and Half & Half or Heavy Cream. Don’t worry, we have made it work with other options using what we had on hand, but when we plan for it, this is what we get. I get our cheese and butter from a dairy food co-op.
homemade alfredo
We start heating our pot and add the butter, a lot of garlic, and chopped onion, and a bit of pepper. We let it cook and caramelize together.
homemade alfredo sauce
Then we add in the Cream and Cheese. I don’t measure at all with this, we can always add more cream or cheese, or butter. It is all based on taste. I add in some basil and oregano and a bit more pepper and give it some time to simmer for the cheese to melt.
homemade alfrdo sauce
Do you see all that butter! Now I sound like Paula Deen! LOL, However that is part of the charm of this. It is not something we can eat daily. It is a treat! We savor it and dip bread in it. We taste it and see if it needs anything else. Usually just a bit of salt, but remember you don’t fully taste the salt until the sauce cools so adding and tasting it while hot will mislead you. It really doesn’t need much. In this case, since we were splurging, we added Shrimp that we sauteed, another item we don’t get much of due to the allergies in our home. So, just to make your mouth water just a bit more, here is the finale.
Homemade Shrimp Alfredo
Now go enjoy and see how simple this really is to make. I bet you have most ingredients in your home already. A couple variations we have done based on what we had at home- regular milk, cheddar, gouda, soy milk, provolone, etc. We have used whatever milk type we have had, and the same for the cheese, sometimes multiple types of cheese. It will still work and be yummy. Don’t stress over it. Think of substitutions you can make based on allergies at your home. We still can’t do this for our kids. I can substitute soy milk but no real butter alternative works as well, and we have a dairy allergy.
What options and alternatives have you tried? How have you changed up a recipe before? Are there other recipes you find are easier than you think or ones you would like to learn to do yourself?
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