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Top Reasons Why AdSense Rejects / Disapproves Accounts


Google's AdSense is the best monetizing source for blogs and websites but the problem is that it is not much easy to get and retain a publisher account with AdSense. Google either doesn't accept blogs and websites easily in their publisher revenue program or accounts are disapproved later when publishers are found violating any TOS of the program. Today we will learn why AdSense rejects accounts and how you can get your AdSense account approved easily for your website or blog.

How to Get Your AdSense Account Approved

Beginner bloggers and website owners apply for AdSense soon after launching their blog or website but most of the times, their account isn't approved by Google. If you are among those and looking for any solution, why AdSense is not approving your account, consider below discussed points and ensure that your online content is perfect for monetizing through AdSense.

Traffic is the Most Essential

If your blog and website have a decent and constant traffic then you must not face any difficulty in getting an AdSense account. When we talk about the traffic, another aspect is also necessary to be considered and that is the organic traffic. I see many blogs and website which receive enough traffic but the sources are mostly referral. i.e. social networks. and such sites don't deserve for AdSense. While reviewing the application, Google critically looks over your content that either it receives targeted traffic or not.

Here, you may ask that why Google looks for organic traffic. The answer is simple, AdSense promotes products of advertisers and your blog will be able to get success with AdSense only if it receives interested customers. i.e. targeted traffic from search engines. So before applying for AdSense, ensure that your blog or website is receiving most traffic from search engines.

Niche Also Decides the Success With AdSense

When we talk about the success with AdSense, two factors are important. First, the niche decides how much you can earn with AdSense. With some niches, you earn good with AdSense and with some other, the earnings remain low. In addition to earnings, the niche also decides either AdSense accepts your blog or website in its program or not. For example, if you have a website at which visitors can watch movies and videos, then you can't monetize it through AdSense.

Website / Blog Template Layout May Also Make a Difference

Where templates play important role in defining CTR of your ads, they are also crucial in getting an AdSense account approved. If the layout of your blog or website is clean, navigation is well structured and search engines can easily parse all the content, then AdSense will show more relevant ads and your earnings will remain high. Additionally, poorly designed blogs and websites may fail to get even an approved AdSense account. So to get and retain AdSense, ensure that your blog or website's design and structure is good.

Adult Content is Prohibited

In TOS of AdSense, it has been declared that you can't monetize any adult online content with AdSense. It doesn't mean that only adult sites are not eligible to get AdSense, but if your content has Google banned words, it may create hurdles in approval of your AdSense account or you may lose the account after approval. While writing content, ensure that you are not using any of these words. Also strictly moderate comments to keep bad words away from your site. In addition, give links to external sites wisely. A single link to any adult or illegal website can snatch AdSense account from you.

Don't Try to Trick Google

Google is extremely smart, so never try to trick it. Many publishers try to boost their earnings by unethical practices but as a result, they lose their AdSense account. Only focus quality in your content. Where low quality content is discouraged by visitors, AdSense also doesn't like it. Fruitless websites and blogs are rejected by AdSense. So despite of trying to trick Google, work harder to develop your online content. You will get success in long run. Good luck!

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