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Are you influential enough for USD 50,000?

The revolution begun 14 days ago. NuffnangX has smashed the top 10 list of the most downloaded app in Malaysia and Singapore. Bloggers from all over the blogosphere are now consolidated within this new app, and that is brilliant! With all the hype going on about NuffnangX and how quickly it is becoming the new social media application, look what the bunch of people behind NuffnangX pulled out of their sleeves?
Now you can stalk blogs and earn at the same time. Get a piece of the total 50,000 USD being offered as rewards for the users with the best and highest influences! Just like Twitter or Instagram, the more people you have following you the stronger your influence will be!
Think Lady Gaga who has 29,707,134 Twitter followers to date and this number is increasing as we speak! Or Justin Beiber who is second in line to the Twitter crown with 28,223,692 followers to date. Now NuffnangX is rewarding YOU to get a head start to become that social media influencer that you are destined to be!
Are you the most powerful mobile influencer? Think you got what it takes? The race to the ultimate 10,000 USD has already begun and closes at 11:59:59 p.m. GMT Wednesday, October 24, 2012. So hurry and start spreading the word out to your potential subscribers! Be sure to swing by our official contest page for more details.
Subscribe to @NuffnangX on Twitter and Facebook for more updates! Our NuffnangX Mobile App is available on both Android and Apple.

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