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RunFest Cyberjaya 2012

RunFest Cyberjaya 2012: A running movement with a difference. FUHREAL.A community that runs together, stays together. In the spirit of all things communal and good, we bring you RunFest Cyberjaya 2012, a social initiative by runfool.WHAT IS RUNFEST?A fun run. And when we say fun, WE MEAN FUN. There will be a bazaar, music &performances, workshops & of course, food & beverage tents. Inspired by the sport houses during our good ‘ol primary schooling years (Rumah Biru, Rumah Merah, Rumah Hijau, anyone?), RunFest will be made up of 4 different tribes that compete against each other.The tribes compete for medals. Compete for sport. Compete for bragging rights. Compete for no apparent reason. Compete for fun!WHO CAN JOIN?You. Your boyfriend. Your girlfriend. Your spouse. Your parents. Your parents’ parents. Your BFF. Your neighbor. Your evil boss. Your pet cat. RunFest is open to everyone!All forms of runners, especially newbies are welcomed. But we do have limited spots of only 1000 runners. So you know the drill, first come-first served.“PROJEK KASUT”Yes, it is fun & games. But we’re also initiating an independent community donation drive aiming to collect gently-used running shoes for the underprivileged. As a start, shoes that are collected will be donated to the Trainees of Monfort Youth Training Centre in Kinarut, Sabah. Trainees at MYTC are made of about 140 youths between the ages of 16 to 20. The donated running shoes will be used to support the school's extracurricular activities. It’s our small contribution towards building the rural communities in Malaysia.
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